“I will repay you for the years the locusts have eaten.”Joel 2:25

Our God is a great Restorer. He will not only restore time lost or wasted… He will replace lost opportunities, relationships, plans, hopes and dreams. Perhaps not in the way we expect or hope He will… and maybe not in our timing. Yet the heart of the Father is for us, not in opposition to us. He desires to rescue us and bless us.

We may look back upon our lives and see years lost in fruitless pursuits, selfish ambitions, dead-end wanderings or rebellion to God. Years spent without Christ… or not living as closely to Him as we would have liked. These years when we were not walking with our Lord made us vulnerable to the devouring locusts. All the best that God had laid out for us was sidetracked as we followed our own path. Our Lord wants to make up for these lost years squandered along our spiritual journey. He longs to make our lives fruitful for His kingdom.

Perhaps we believe that we are walking closely with our Savior. We are choosing His ways over our ways. Yet, upon closer inspection, we may see that we have wandered off His path in a certain area of our life. We have not allowed Him complete access for His light to shine.

If we are to be a reflection of God, we need to allow His light to permeate every area of our life… every nook and cranny… every dark and dusty corner. These areas, when not surrendered to Him, are where the locusts sneak in. Finding a crack in the door… a window ajar… a tear in the screen, they fly in. We may be unaware of their presence… devouring all our hopes, dreams and aspirations… until it is too late.

That opportunity has passed… that relationship has soured… that span of time has been lost. That plan that seemed so right… that dream that seemed so possible… that hope that seemed to be for our best. Our Lord longs to rescue us. He will come in, sweep out the dust and cobwebs, wash the windows to let His light shine in… and ultimately fill this area of our life with His holy presence.

“For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Live as children of light.”Ephesians 5:8

Why do the locusts devour all that seems dear to us? Why would God allow this? Remember, God has given us, His creation, free choice. We are free to obey or disobey… free to follow or wander… free to yield or resist. This is out of His deepest of love for us so that we can choose to freely love and follow Him.

Our God will recover what has been lost to the locusts. He will discern the exact timing of His blessings. Yet He may be waiting upon us. When we have learned all that He desires us to learn. When we have given up our wanderings and returned to Him. When we have moved back into His will. When we can appreciate all that He is going to restore. Then He will act.

“To Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine…”Ephesians 3:20

Our God is the God of the impossible. Does He not promise that He will bless us beyond what we could hope for or imagine? He is trustworthy and will follow through with His promises. We need to believe this so we can place our absolute faith in Him. Our God is good and He can only do good. When we allow this to sink deep into our hearts and spirits, we recognize that our life will turn out for good if we yield to Him.

Our Lord sees our grief and regret. He hears our prayers of repentance and He restores… in His way and in His time. He may not give back all the years lost… yet He may bless us in new ways… and make the years now surrendered to Him more fruitful. He may not restore a lost relationship… yet He may bring a new one into our life. He may not give us a second chance at a lost opportunity… yet He may open a new door of opportunity for us. He may not fulfill our lost dreams… yet He may place new dreams in our hearts.

Are we seeing a pattern here? God is our Restorer… restoring with new, better and abundant blessings. He is the One who sustains us, rescues us and repays us for all that the locusts have eaten. He understands our sorrow at what could have been. He sees our change of heart. He is ready and willing to open up heaven’s floodgates for us. We can only open our arms and accept all His blessings with love and thankfulness.