“Many, O Lord my God, are the wonders You have done, and the plans You have for us — none can compare to You — if I proclaim and declare them, they are more than I can count.” – Psalm 40:5 –

The splendors of our God never cease. The Creator’s hand is forever working wonders in our lives, whether or not we happen to notice. He is always sovereignly ordering our times to bring to pass His perfect will. Often we are unaware of His creative hand at work. Yet looking back on days and years past, we see unmistakable evidence of His masterful touch.

For God is the Master Painter. His artistry is displayed in His awe-inspiring creation. He paints from His palette of limitless colors to create a masterwork of aesthetic beauty and harmony. All of nature is a magnificent and wondrous display of His creative mastery. Each masterstroke of His brush is wisely planned.

“Who is like You — majestic in holiness, awesome in glory, working wonders?” – Exodus 15:11

God’s palette of colors is infinite. Yet our eyes see only the visible colors of His spectrum. When sunlight passes through a prism, it is bent or refracted, allowing the visible parts of the spectrum to come into view. Although a continuum of colors, the key ones discernible to our eyes are… red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

Water droplets in the air can act like prisms, dispersing the sun’s light into a spectrum that we recognize as a rainbow. Rainbows are circular in shape because the drops of water (prisms) are spherical. How perfect that God chose the rainbow in Noah’s day as a sign of His everlasting covenant to all creation.

God draws upon His rainbow spectrum of colors to create an artistic work of art in each of our lives that is as unique as we are. Over the course of our years, His creative genius is always at work. Every stroke of His brush is expertly placed according to His infinite wisdom and omniscience.

“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” – Psalm 139:14

In God’s eyes, you are a priceless creation. Perhaps you believe your life is not what you had hoped it would be… too many failures, poor choices, selfish endeavors… too many paths that led you away from the Creator Himself. Yet His masterful hand has always been working throughout your life for your very best.

God is painting an exceptional masterwork for your life. He begins each of our masterpieces with a blank canvas of white… a color representing the purity and innocence of birth. He paints our lives with creative brilliance, expertly applying infinite shades, hues and tints of color… and blending all with the deftness of His artistic hand.

Looking back on our days and years gone by, we discover how the Creator’s hand has purposefully painted on the canvas of our lives…

→   Power – God applies shades of red, like the red of fire, as splashes of color on the canvas to depict the power of Christ in our lives. The power and fire of the Holy Spirit infills us with boldness and confidence to face life. We are strengthened by His Spirit with courage to persevere and passion to pursue His mission.

→   Grace – God brushes across the canvas shades of orange to evoke the comfort of His presence with us like the warmth of the orange sun. He is always there for us to bless us with His undeserved favor. His grace overflows to us, energizing and enriching our lives. He encourages and enables us to live a life of Christlikeness.

→   Joy – God paints shades of yellow brightly on the canvas to convey happiness and cheer like the yellow of sunshine. For Christ is our Light who brightens the shadows of our lives. He is our Joy who overcomes all sorrow. He is our Hope who promises us life everlasting.

→   New Life – God applies shades of green to the canvas, portraying our newness of life in Christ. Like the vibrancy of green in springtime, we experience rebirth in the Spirit to become new creations. Through Christ, we have victory over death and freedom in life. Our lives are never the same.

→   Peace – God adds shades of blue to show the serenity we experience deep in our spirits from our Savior. The calming blue hues of the sea display the solace He brings to calm our life storms. He bestows on us the treasures of His contentment and tranquility.

→   Love & Mercy – God brushes on shades of indigo to illustrate His enduring love and compassion. Like the indigo of evening skies, His protection blankets our lives. He is our safe Refuge in fearful times… our merciful Rescuer in critical times… our loving Healer in trying times.

→   Faith – God adeptly places on the canvas shades of violet, the color of royalty, to represent our entrance into His kingdom and His royal family line. As children of God, we come to live in the richness of His promised abundant life. God grows in us a deep and abiding faith and trust in Him.

→   Heart for Christ – God applies shimmering gold in crowning strokes as a heavenly touch to His masterpiece. Its purity and radiance symbolize His glory. He highlights our life’s artwork with this luminous color to portray our divine connection to Him and our loyalty to Christ. For He refines us like gold in the fires of life, making us a truer reflection of Himself.

The Creator’s hand is ever active in our lives. Trust Him to be the Master Painter of your life. Trust Him to gather all the shadows that linger from your days and years gone by and transform them into a magnificent work of art. For He is the perfect Artist and you are His treasured masterwork.