»   What is your passion in life? What inspires you to truly live your life? Does your passion align with God’s passion?

“The most crucial danger to a Christian… is to lack a passion of Christ.” Wesley Duewel, Missionary –

Passion inspires us. Passion motivates us to be the best we can be… to make the greatest use of our time… to do the most we can with our lives. It is the driving force that impels us… the focus that energizes us. It is never too late to discover the passion that God has placed in your heart.

Passion keeps our lives in focus. Photography requires focus. Before we take a photo, we make sure that our subject is sharp and clear. A blurry, out of focus photo is of little use. Yet when we take time to sharpen the focus… to zoom in on the subject… we catch the perfect shot.

»   Have you lost the focus of your life? Has your life become a blur of moments, days and years? Has your passion been eroded away by the cares, concerns and distractions of life?

“The word of God came to John son of Zechariah in the wilderness.”  Luke 3:2

The life of Jesus is driven by passion. All throughout His time of ministry, He is passionate and focused. He has a goal, an aim, a mission. He lives out His life with intent and clarity.

We see the same undivided passion and focus in John the Baptist. This prophet lives a life of isolation… separated from the world and separated unto God. He knows He has a calling… a mission in life. This becomes his passion for living.

By all appearances, John the Baptist does not look like one anointed by God. Living in the wilderness of Judea, his apparel is of camel’s hair adorned with a leather belt. His diet consists of locusts and wild honey. Yet God has endowed him with power from on high.

“I am the voice of one calling in the wilderness, ‘Make straight the way for the Lord.’”  John 1:23 (Isaiah 40:3)

John has a passion in life… a driving force. His passion aligns with God’s passion. He desires to so follow God’s will that all other pursuits are out of focus for him. His focus is God-centered… to announce the coming of the Messiah.

Isaiah prophesies about this man of God. John the Baptist is the voice in the wilderness… privileged with the high calling of preparing the way for the Messiah. He calls all to repentance… to make ready their hearts to accept the Holy One of God.

“Repent, for the kingdom of heaven has come near.”  Matthew 3:2

John initiates a spiritual revival among the people. He calls them to change the course of their lives… to reevaluate the road they have been traveling. He exhorts them to break down any hindrances that keep them from welcoming the message of salvation. Leaving their past behind… putting aside their doubts and fears… they can be open to receiving their Savior.

People are drawn to this man of passion who speaks with power and authority. John challenges them to repent and turn from their sinful ways. He opens their eyes to the sin in their lives and their desperate need for a Savior. As a symbol of their spiritual cleansing, he baptizes the people in the waters of the Jordan River

“One who is more powerful than I will come, the straps of whose sandals I am not worthy to untie. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire.”  Luke 3:16

John’s character balances both strength and humility. He keeps the focus of His message on the coming Messiah. John’s baptism is one with water… yet the Savior of the World will baptize with the power and fire of the Holy Spirit.

John is content for his ministry to fade in importance as Jesus enters the scene. John’s passion has brought him great joy. He has successfully paved the way for the Son of God to come and change the world.

“Truly I tell you, among those born of women there has not risen anyone greater than John the Baptist.”  Matthew 11:11

Jesus commends John the Baptist, calling him the greatest of all the prophets. For John fulfilled his mission in life… his God-given passion. He made ready the hearts of the people for their Savior.

»   Do you long to discover the passion God has placed in your heart? Is it your heart’s desire to live your life like John the Baptist with a focus… a passion that aligns with God?

Take time to seek God’s passion for your life. Take your focus off the griefs of the past… the cares of the present… the fears of the future. Step back from the busyness and distractions of the world that cause your life to be out of focus. Ask God to anoint you to live out His perfect will and passion in your life. For this is what He created you to do.